Instant Information and EffectiveSoft Signs Agreement on Intellexer SDK Licensing

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Intellexer SDK (Software Development Kit) from EffectiveSoft, Ltd. is declared as the best semantic solution after tender organized by Instant Information, Inc., a financial information services company.

Intellexer SDK had been present at the global professional market for a long time, but the competitive benchmarking with other analogous well-known products in the context of tender was new for it. Instant Information, Inc., focusing on its strategic business policy, needed a semantic technology for custom built search engines based upon natural language processing. Intellexer SDK was estimated as the ideal solution with regard to its quality, price and compatibility with specific needs of Instant Information, Inc.

Instant Information, Inc. and EffectiveSoft, Ltd. have signed a software development contract that includes product customization, integration, and investigation services.

Instant Information, Inc. is a financial information services company providing professional, collaborative solutions to the financial industry. Founded in January 2004, Instant Information has raised two rounds of financing, closing the second round in March of 2006.

The Intellexer™ SDK (Software Development Kit) is a linguistic platform developed by EffectiveSoft. It incorporates powerful linguistic instruments that analyze text in natural language.

December 13, 2006

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