EffectiveSoft Unveils Intellexer SDK

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R&D department of EffectiveSoft releases the new version of Intellexer SDK. We have introduced multiple changes into Intellexer SDK, including:

  • New find similar algorithm for Comparator SDK added
  • New algorithm for calculating document proximity Comparator SDK added
  • Support for using different find similar document algorithms added
  • Multi-topic summarization in Summarizer SDK added
  • New algorithm for Categorization added
  • New find similar document algorithm added
  • Categorization improved due to changes in weight calculation
  • Language Recognizer algorithms changed (skipped processing for some symbols)
  • Some memory corruption bugs fixed
  • Support for MSG file format added
  • Support for XML file format added
  • Language Recognition boundaries updated
  • LDB corpora updated
  • Language statistics updated due to the changes in Language Recognition algorithms
  • Named Entity Recognizer grammar improved
  • Categorizer SDK split into professional and standard versions
  • Multi-document Summarizer SDK introduced
  • Multi-document summarizer .NET wrapper added
  • Language Recognizer .NET wrapper added
  • Preformator .NET wrapper added
  • Named Entity Relation Extractor .NET wrapper added

July 19, 2011

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