New Version of Intellexer Spellchecker SDK Released

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EffectiveSoft Ltd. released a new version of Intellexer Spellchecker program supported the Russian and English languages

Minsk, Belarus - September 3, 2008 - EffectiveSoft released a new version Intellexer Spellchecker SDK - a library which provides spelling check capabilities for any application. The library may be linked to every Win32 project.

This new version preserves the features of the previous one - Intellexer Spellchecker SDK V (English version) such as:

  • Comprehensive built-in English dictionary
  • High-quality spelling check results
  • Spelling correction candidates with weights
  • Adjustable parameters of the algorithm
  • Customizable user dictionary
  • Detailed documentation and examples
  • Fully documented interfaces
  • Support of all Windows programming languages

At the same time the new Spellchecker V version) is equipped with the unique feature:

  • Added multilanguage support (implemented the Russian)

Now the program supports the common English language (dictionary size: 311,000 wordforms, requires about 4 MB of RAM) and the Russian language (dictionary size: 744,722 wordforms, requires about 6 MB of RAM) depending on the chosen installation package. The development library contains a common DLL interface and interfaces for C++ and .NET with corresponding documentation and examples (C++, C#, Delphi).

If you want to know more about or download Intellexer Spellchecker SDK trial, please visit the website

September 03, 2008

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