What's new: EffecitveSoft is about to release Intellexer IE Summarizer plugin

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EffectiveSoft company is planning to release Intellexer IE Summarizer. This is a pilot prototype of the existing software product, Intellexer Summarizer, which entered the market in 2007. Intellexer IE Summarizer is a web-oriented program for web pages summarization and analysis.

Intellexer IE Summarizer plugin

Upon a thorough analysis of clients' feedbacks on Intellexer Summarizer, we significantly enhanced Intellexer IE Summarizer with powerful functionality taking into account all requests of end users, who want to summarize web content easily and on the fly.

Intellexer IE Summarizer "Intellexer IE Summarizer" automatically generates a summary of any online information in English providing the user with the most essential content and concepts. It is no longer needed to browse a long document, just get its summary and decide whether it's worth reading at all.

Precise and informative summaries are ensured by sophisticated algorithms:

  • Linguistic
  • Statistical
  • Heuristic

Intellexer IE Summarizer uses lexical semantics and knowledge-based methods for identification of main ideas of a web document to ensure a high-quality summary of web information.

How it works:

  • Automatically summarizes each page the user browses
  • Automatically summarizes the current page or web site
  • Represents the main ideas as concepts
  • Highlights concept
  • It is easy to use
  • Lets users decide quickly whether to read the whole document or not

Intellexer IE Summarizer generates summaries of various lengths, thus allowing the user to specify the number of sentences required in the summary output. It also helps web users quickly find the information they need. Stay updated and contact us to be the first to know about IE Summarizer release.

July 08, 2011

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