Intellexer Question-Answering System

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At present due to the intense increase of text information volume presented in electronic form, the development of systems that provide solution for a wide range of information retrieval problems becomes more essential. Moreover, requirements are constantly increasing both to the effectiveness of processes of finding documents and to the integration of software complexes with different information sources (e.g., Internet resources, files of LAN or corporate databases, hard drives of personal computers, etc.). All this complicates the achievement of high performance.

Intellexer Question Answering System enables you to significantly increase the search efficiency. The essence of this solution is in handling users’ queries and giving pertinent answers in natural language rather than full documents or best-matching passages.

Intellexer Question Answering System is a real benefit for:

  • Casual questioners who ask simple factual questions;
  • Employees who seek quick answers on company policy;
  • Consumers who look for specific product features or prices;
  • Researchers who collect information about the subject area they are interested in;
  • Engineers who create knowledge databases;

The module is extremely useful for help desk systems, enterprise document/knowledge management systems and E-libraries/catalogues.

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Intellexer Question Answering System

Intellexer Question Answering System participated in the TREC 2007 Question Answering track. You can find more information about our retrieval algorithms and performance results here.

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Intellexer Question-Answering System