What's New in Intellexer Summarizer 2.0?

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New version of Intellexer Summarizer has been released lately. Let’s see what the new features are and if they make the new Summarizer something fundamentally different:

  • Summary Types and Concept Tree

The previous version already had an option of generating theme- and structure-oriented summaries. Now you can choose what concepts you find the most important for the text or more appropriate for your summary and check them in the concept tree. Semantic weight of the checked concepts gets increased. Click “Rearrange Summary” and you will get the summary you need.

  • History and Search

Now the summaries that have been saved to the history can be filtered not only by date and type but also by concept. Due to this option search by a keyword gets possible within saved summaries.

  • Internet Explorer Integration

Intellexer Summarizer has acquired its own toolbar in IE. When this toolbar is on you can view the web pages and summarize them at the same time without switching between applications.

  • Color Themes

There is just one more thing to mention: now you can choose color theme of your summary. The installed skins are Octopus Garden, Safari, Mint & Citrus, and Fuchsia. In addition you can create your own color theme out of your favorite colors. 

We are arriving to the conclusion that innovations mostly applied to the external part of the program. They have definitely added up to the program customizability and user interface friendliness. Meanwhile the major mission of Intellexer Summarizer remains the same: it serves as an easy-to-use and time-to-save tool for textual information management that many of us have found useful in daily computer routine.

October 16, 2007

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