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EffectiveSoft released Related Facts IE plug-in for Google search, that helps to improve custom search and provides users with additional facts, relevant to custom query. Related Facts selects 5 main themes and complements them with related facts. It extends custom search and makes it more cognitive and full.

Intellexer SDK is the basis of Related Facts, this semantic platform is designed for knowledge analysis and data management.

How to use IE Related Facts:

  • Use this commands to enable Related Facts bar:
    View \ Explorer Bars \ Intellexer Related Facts
  • Related Facts works with Internet explorer only.
  • Related Facts is activated while using Google search.
  • Related Facts does not work for 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer.

Related Facts IE plug-in is available for free at the official website, but you may also want to register the program for only $4.95 and get full version without advertising.

Read more about Related Facts plug-in or contact us for quote.

April 2, 2012

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